Learning from the past to create a better future

by Dirk-Jan Smit

Since the year of 2000 we've been intrigued by the internet and its endless possibilities. This led us to say hello to our digital web agency back in 2006; Diffuse. We've got a feeling the time is right to share our knowledge, vision and inspiration. Because no one knows exactly where we're heading. But we sure know where we've come from.

Diffuse is a small digital agency that loves to craft big things. We're into something that we call Creative Development. Our way of taking the stuff we create to a higher level. We are currently based in Amsterdam where we work at an amazing creative workspace which we share with our amigos of LikeFriends.

It's time to share!

Over the years we've learned a hell of a lot from working on amazing projects with various clients. We now think the time is right to start and share this knowledge with all of you. It really feels good to return some of the favor the internet has given us. As of today we'll be using this blog to share our thoughts and ideas upon the matter.

What we'll write about

Expect articles about our vision on interesting (web) trends, cool (new) techniques as well as How-To's and lessons learned. If we find inspiring things you'll sure be the first to hear about them! We'll also write about day to day stuff. From projects we're curently working on till posts about the ways we work and the tools we use to get the job done.

Let's take this leap together!

We'd love to hear from you as well. Feel free to ask questions and keep in mind that we're always willing to help. Use our Twitter or Facebook to get in touch with us or post your feedback in the comments below. Or simply send out an email to blog@diffuse.nl. Let's take this leap together!